Author: Chip Drewry

I was raised in Fargo, ND which explains why I am a die hard NDSU Bison football fan, and a UND Fighting Sioux hockey fan. Spent a few years in Ashland, WI too. Served in the Navy and spent most of my adult life here on Lake Minnetonka, in Mound.

Snow On The Deck

April 13th at 9:35 AM there was snow on the deck. A small trace, but never the less, it was…

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I told you so. I told you many times that snow in April is not out of the question and…

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The $hit Has Hit The Fan… Again

I’m sure most of you remember the riots that took place last May after George Floyd, a career criminal, drug…

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End Of The Weekend

Well here we are, Sunday night, the end of the weekend. Back to work, and as Rupert Holmes once sang,…

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The Sun Is Out!

Well kind of. There is some blue sky, but it isn’t going to last very long. Cloudy and gloomy all…

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Missing Social Media

When you look at this page and see what social media I am on, and you can follow, one is…

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