What A Difference A Day Makes

Last night at this time it was 80 degree’s (26.6 C). Right now it’s 55 (12.7 C). Yesterday we topped out at 88 (31.1 C). Today we only managed 73 (22.7 C). Autumn is in the air, no doubt. Tomorrow will be better, we’re looking at 76 (24.4 C) for a high, by Monday we could hit 90 (32.2 C). That would be sweet!

My boating season is finally underway. At least I get about a month, 5 weeks before I have it winterized and shrink wrapped. It should have been much longer but the assholes where I used to work forced us to do 60 plus hours a week since March, I wouldn’t even have a boating season this year if I stayed at that hell hole. Start with my new employer on Monday!

I’ll go from 12 hour days to 10 hour days, Monday thru Thursday. Overtime is available on Fridays, never mandatory, always optional, plus you have the choice of working a full shift or a half shift! Good benefits, about the same as with my old employer, and my pay stays the same. Well, why would I change if the pay doesn’t? Because I’m not doing 12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday anymore. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of them forcing you to wear those goddamned masks (I never wore the fuckin’ things anyway), and I just know that company, which is run by pussies, will comply with that POS dictator Joe Biden’s (my god I’d like to beat the shit out of him) illegal, unconstitutional, holds no weight executive order for mandating the “Your papers are not in order” vax pass. I just know Entegris will suck ass and implement that. I’m not sticking around for that totalitarian bullshit.

My new employers stated they will never implement that, nor will they ever have a mask requirement. They believe it is the individual’s choice and that the company and other entities have no right to meddle in anybody’s healthcare choices. And they’re right, Biden is wrong. It’s not debatable, it’s a fact.

Anyway, time to get off that subject and enjoy living! I got the fresh start and freedom I was looking for. It’s onward and upward from here on out!

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Author: Chip Drewry
I was raised in Fargo, ND which explains why I am a die hard NDSU Bison football fan, and a UND Fighting Sioux hockey fan. Spent a few years in Ashland, WI too. Served in the Navy and spent most of my adult life here on Lake Minnetonka, in Mound.