Summer Is Back!

brown wooden dock

Technically, summer never left, it’s got 4 days to go, but I think you know what I mean. It was beautiful today, plenty of sun and we made it to 76 degree’s (24.4 C), and today was not what I meant in the title, that summer is back, no, that’s tomorrow and Monday. Sunny and 90! (32.2 C). Then a cool front passes through and we get downright seasonal. Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll only see highs in the mid-60’s. Low 70’s after that, for I don’t know how long. Pretty sure we’ll see the 80’s again, it usually happens in October, but those days are becoming increasingly scarce.

Check this out, it’s around 10 PM and it’s still a beautiful 72 degrees (22.2 C) outside! Can’t ask for anything better during the second half of September in Minnesota! Lot’s of stars and no traffic on the lake, a far cry from a month ago, or even last weekend for that matter.

I’ve got exactly four weeks to enjoy something I should have been able to enjoy all summer. Boating. I’m having the boat winterized and shrink wrapped the week of October 18th. Last years early blast of winter on October 11th was an eye opener, I learned my lesson. No more milking out the boating season. The weekend following Columbus Day is my last from now on. I got lucky last year with the early freeze, snow, and extreme cold that it didn’t do any damage, I’m not willing to risk it anymore. My last cruise on the boat for the year should be on the 17th.

Just looked out the living room window and saw two boats go by! The first boats I’ve seen in well over an hour. Nice!

With that, I think I’ll call ‘er a night my friend. We’ll converse again tomorrow.

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Author: Chip Drewry
I was raised in Fargo, ND which explains why I am a die hard NDSU Bison football fan, and a UND Fighting Sioux hockey fan. Spent a few years in Ashland, WI too. Served in the Navy and spent most of my adult life here on Lake Minnetonka, in Mound.