Now, It’s In The Books

I hope everyone had a great summer. I know it was certainly better than last summer. Things got back to normal. For the most part.

It’s sad to see it end.

Those of us who live on the lake will still get to enjoy it and look forward to some nice weather for a few more weeks anyhow. We’ve got the Beach Bash next weekend, ZZ Topp and the fireworks, not to mention a whole boatload of other stuff, then we’ll be winding it down.

The summer sucked for me, with all of the mandatory OT forced upon us, it will be the same next summer too, except, I won’t be there! I’m going to enjoy the rest of the boating season, at least starting this late in the year it won’t be so congested on the water. I love that!

Like I said, I hope everyone had a great summer. It’s fall (almost) and football, baby!

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Author: Chip Drewry
I was raised in Fargo, ND which explains why I am a die hard NDSU Bison football fan, and a UND Fighting Sioux hockey fan. Spent a few years in Ashland, WI too. Served in the Navy and spent most of my adult life here on Lake Minnetonka, in Mound.