20 Years Ago: 9/11

My story of 9/11.

I was just about to retire from a career choice of destructive drinking. I was a full blown, practicing alcoholic when the attack of 9/11/01 occurred. My father had died two months before, and I was wanting to die too. Drinking myself to death. I would have succeeded had it not been for an active warrant for my arrest, and the authorities knowing which flea bag hotel I was at. I will always be forever grateful to the Carver County Sheriffs Office for arresting me in the wee hours of November 6, 2001. They saved my life, and set in motion the series of events that have kept me sober, and become productive again. I’ve never touched a drop of alcohol since that night/early morning.

On that morning I was just coming to from a night of heavy drinking and I was in a fog. The TV was on and I saw images of the first tower aflame, and I saw the plane hit the second, the towers come down, heard the Pentagon was hit and the plane crashing in Pennsylvania. I thought it was a movie at first. As the coverage continued and I realized there were no actors in this movie, I flipped the channel, and that’s all I saw on just about every station. The realization that we were under attack came rushing in as I slowly was sobering up and shaking off a bad hangover.

My first thought was the Chinese were behind it. You know, Joe Biden’s good friends.

Next I was pretty sure we would be launching ICBM’s and obliterating the country, or the country harboring the people who did this, off the face of the Earth. And believe me, I was all in on that option.

September 12th, a Wednesday, I got in my car and drove straight to the Navy recruiting office in Crystal and told them I wanted to reenlist. I begged them to re-up me. No. I was too old. I missed the cut off by 10 months and unless there was a real shit storm brewing, I wasn’t going to get back in. I was crushed.

Since I was crushed, the perfect excuse to go on my very last drinking binge that lasted two months. Never saw a sober moment until November 6th, which was the first day of the rest of my life.

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Author: Chip Drewry
I was raised in Fargo, ND which explains why I am a die hard NDSU Bison football fan, and a UND Fighting Sioux hockey fan. Spent a few years in Ashland, WI too. Served in the Navy and spent most of my adult life here on Lake Minnetonka, in Mound.